Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Introducing the Sprinter

I started writing a post about something that happened while I was waiting for the Sprinter. Then I thought, if I'm going to write about the Sprinter, maybe I'd better explain what it is.

So, here goes.

The Sprinter is the name of the light-rail train system that operates between the cities of Oceanside and Escondido, California.

Although riding a bus is tolerable for travel within each of the four cities the Sprinter serves, the train is the most efficient way to travel between cities. That's because the Sprinter doesn't stop every forty-five seconds to let passengers board or depart. And the Sprinter doesn't stop for red lights. And the Sprinter never gets stuck in the middle of rush hour gridlock. (Actually, the train contributes to that mess. Can you guess why?)

Anyone who frequently uses bus transportation will tell you that riding a bus can get a little bizarre (and even creepy) at times. I've witnessed too many obnoxious individuals acting out on buses (blog fodder for future posts?). However, people usually behave on the Sprinter. I suspect that's because armed security officers ride the train.

I began riding the train in February. After enduring the trip to Escondido aboard the Snail Special a few times, I realized that the Sprinter was a faster and less stressful way to travel to my Wednesday morning volunteer job. I was very pleased with the train service.

That is, until the Sprinter shut down indefinitely.

(to be continued, also see 10-11-2012 semi-related post, They Can't Arrest You, but They Can Shoot You) 

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