Friday, March 30, 2012

Bus Lines: Viewer Discretion Advised

People should use discretion when posting on Facebook and other social media sites. Everyone knows that, or everyone should. And everyone also should know how to exercise a little discretion and a lot of common sense when sharing personal information in public places.
For example, take this little scenario that happened recently.
A woman got on the bus, plopped into the seat in front of me, and called a friend. I'll call the woman Loud Lady, because she was. “You'll never guess who I slept with last night,” Loud Lady said.
Ears perked up at the front of the bus; a couple of heads swiveled around.
I wondered if the friend guessed right.
“No,” Loud Lady said, giggling, “not the one I’ve been going out with. The other one.”
Oops. After that news flash, the woman realized she had a captive audience. She probably figured it out when she noticed several passengers glaring at her, including the woman accompanied by three small children.
“Well, I guess everyone on the bus heard that,” Loud Lady told her friend.
“Yep, we sure did,” the fellow sitting across from her piped up.
I thought about advising her to try texting the next time she has a news flash.
I thought about it, but I didn’t.

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