Sunday, September 04, 2005

Job Interviews—Part I

I’ve been through many job interviews. Sometimes they go well; sometimes they don’t. Several times, I've been hired on the spot. There were also times when I thought an interview went very well, but I never heard from the company again.

Some interviews were just plain strange. One company I applied at seemed to have a rather foul-mouthed parrot employed as its relief receptionist (long story, but interesting—some other time though).

Several years ago, during an interview for an accounting clerk position, the interviewer asked, “If we hire you, will you go to the Christmas Party?”

I glared at him and asked, “What the heck kind of a question is that?”

He blushed and muttered, “Just forget it.”

I didn’t think I’d get the job, but the company hired me anyway. And, yes, I did go to the Christmas party.